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    Pearl Dsilva, Bangalore, India
    13 Jan 2022
    Good Product; Bad delivery partner

    While the painting we had ordered was a beautiful piece, the delivery partner Arte'venue is partnered with - Delhivery, is atrocious and would lead to people not buying products from you'll. They do not deliver on time, nor do they provide timely updates. Conversing with the delivery guy was also an extreme pain point. They were extremely rude and unprofessional. While I loved the product, I'd definitely NEVER recommend this place to anyone because of the way the delivery partner handled the entire process. Please do look into it.


    Thank for taking time and letting us know of your experience. We apologize for the same. We have noted your comments and will take it up with the delivery partner and take the necessary action.

    Karunesh Mohan, Agra, India
    24 Jun 2021
    No cover

    Liked : the website and the way it allowed selection etc.

    Disliked : 1. The pricing is on the higher side viz a viz the quality of canvas.
    2. With a pricing of appr 3k for a simple canvas print, the frame should have been covered by the glass to save it from dust as the dust will cling on the canvas just within a
    weeks time in the indian weather condition & the dust cannot be wiped off the canvas. This is really strange and being inconsiderate by artvenue.

    Thank you for your time in writing the review.
    We have taken your feedback on the price and will try to optimize it further. We do pay royalty to artists for every sale we make.

    On the covering the canvas print, kindly note that you will rarely find the canvas prints being covered with glass. It brings the look of original painting and hence doesn't get covered by glass. We have also mentioned it on our website.
    The canvas we use is of quality for for fine art. It will last lifeitme without fading. If hung indoors, just wiping it with with clean, dry and smooth cloth is sufficent to maintain it.
    Thank you again. We certainly value your feedback.

    Aniket Gupta, New delhi, India
    09 May 2021
    Issues with the photo frame

    The overall photo frame looks okay, but there are two points I would like to highlight firstly the picture is looking dull and dark, they could have enhance the brightness in the picture also they have hidden a part of the photograph , so the tag line written at the bottom is not visible.

    Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that it dod not meet your expectations. We will look for more ways to improve.
    However, we would like to highlight that all the artworks we have are copyrighted and we obtain liceses from artists/publishing houses to reproduce. We don't in anyway alter the image of original artwork/painting/photo like brightening or altering the text on it etc.
    We do our best to reproduce the original artwork exactly. We reproduce using the best in class fine art printers and use the best in the industry framing materials to ensure a top quality product.

    Anil Khurana (anil05), Mumbai, India
    06 Jan 2021
    Packing materials

    The thermocole used in packing is extremely poor quality. It shreds into tiny particles & sticks to everyone & everything. Difficult to remove.
    Similarly the plastic wrapping has some prickly fibres that are a grave health hazard.
    I’m surprised at the extremely poor choice of materials for sn art studio. Pathetic, not expected from a quality establishment unless you are a roadside vendor.🤔

    Reply by Arte'Venue:
    We appreciate you taking time to write the feedback. We apologize for this experience.
    The thermocol we use is not moulded as our product sizes keep varying (we are the only online seller allow customer to choose their own size, inch-by-inch). Hence we can't use thermocol that can be manufactured for a given size.
    As regards the plastic, we use shrink wrap over the frames which is not prickly. We will investigate if your particular order got wrapped with any other material, however we don't use any other plastic.
    We truly appreciate your feedback and will take steps to ensure better quality and experience for our customers.

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